Day 2 operations

Apply an update

If you have pulled the most recent version of tezos-on-gke and wish to apply updates, you may do so with a terraform taint:

terraform taint null_resource.push_containers && terraform taint null_resource.apply && terraform plan -out plan.out
terraform apply plan.out

This will rebuild the containers, then do a kubectl apply to push the most recent changes to your cluster.

The pods will restart after some time. However, you may kill the pods to restart them immediately.

Tezos Protocol update

When the Tezos protocol changes, be sure to edit the terraform variables protocol and protocol_short to match the new version.

Then, apply the changes. Your baker will restart with the right baking and endorsing daemons.

Remotely ssh into the remote signers

For remote connectivity and debugging purposes, ssh port 22 for the on-prem remote signers is being forwarded on port [signer port + 1000].

To connect to the signers, forward port [signer port + 1000] from the tezos-remote-signer-forwarder locally, then ssh to localhost using your private key associated with the public key injected into the baker during initial setup.