TRD payouts

We support the Tezos Reward Distributor natively.

The payout address must be on the same remote signer used for baking.

While the baking address can be on a Ledger device, the payout address must be on a hot wallet directly on the signer.

TRD works as a cronjob, meaning that it runs on a schedule, attempts to do a payout if there is one outstanding, then exits immediately. In TRD documentation, this is refered to as “run mode 2”.


The baking_nodes object passed to tezos-on-gke optionally supports passing a payout_config object structured as follows:

module "tezos-baker" {
  baking_nodes = {
    "mynode" : {
      "mybaker" : {
        "public_baking_key": "tz1xxx",
        # more parameters (signer config, etc...) go here
        "payout_config" = {
          "schedule"="06 */3 * * *",
          "initial_cycle": 370,
          "release_override": -5,
          "network": "MAINNET",
          "reward_data_provider": "tzkt",
          "dry_run": "false",
          "payment_address": "tz1",
          "rewards_type": "actual",
          "service_fee": 5,
          "rules_map": {}

This is then converted into TRD parameters and passed to the TRD configuration.

Most TRD configuration parameters are supported.

Be sure to run in dry_mode true at first to make sure that the payout engine works as expected.

The schedule parameter indicates how often the cronjob should run. It should be in cron format.


It is recommended to run TRD payouts in a different node pool than the tezos nodes, for isolation.

You can configure the node pool used for payouts with the kubernetes_payout_pool_name terraform variable.

Full example

See the production readiness section for a full example of baker with payout configured.