Welcome to MIDL.dev Tezos Suite’s documentation!

The project

MIDL.dev Tezos Suite is a complete solution for Tezos baking using industry best practices.

This documentation covers the following open-source projects:

  • Tezos-on-GKE : deploys a secure baker setup in Google Kubernetes Engine in just one command
  • Tezos-Auxiliary-Cluster : a toolkit for public bakers: monitors baking operations, issues payouts, and generates a dynamic baking website.
  • Tezos-remote-signer-OS : operating system for a secure, highly available Tezos remote signer setup on a Raspberry Pi connected to a Ledger device

All code is released under the terms of the Apache License.

This project is supported by the Tezos Foundation.

Quick start

To quickly spin up a baking node on the Tezos testnet, follow instructions from the Tezos-on-GKE README